jQuery Drag

An Innovative Way to Show your Images!

• Activate sliding by Dragging & Dropping left or right the central image!
• Auto-slide feature can be stopped with play/pause button or disabled!
• Move the cursor over the central thumbnail image to show description!
• Randomize image order or keep them ordered!
• Click the central thumbnail to Zoom it to the selected size!
• Three different types of sliding and zooming: top, center and bottom!
• Zoomed image regains original size ratio!
• Zooming can be disabled and images become links to other pages!
• You can entirely configure your Expose with an XML Configuration File!
Extremely simple form to generate the Configuration XML Code!
• You can add arrows, that facilitate sliding, with a single click!
• Works with every image size and resolution!
• Needs only four images to work, and supports infinite pics!
• Complete and detailed manual for installation!
• 6 different Styles available!
• You can put one Expose in all of your website pages easily!

Alternative Styles

Black & No Arrows & Top Align   Blue & Random & Auto-Start Off   Red & Continuous   Green & Fast   Pink & No Tooltip & Bottom Align