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@zoomitflash says:
here starts my favorite song
@rebeccawhite says:
wow really love this part <3
@bluevelvet says:
time to repeat
Tim McMorris - It's a beautiful day
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The audio player that brings style to any site.

Easy Install

It takes just 2 minutes to install, activate and setup your first audio file. Also there is a premade gallery and player configuration so you can get things going in no way.

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Waveform vs. Spectrum Analyzer

You choose.

Likes vs. Rates

You choose.

Realtime Spectrum Analyzer vs. Predefined Waveform

Features neverseen before on a stock audio player! You can amaze your viewers with realtime cutting-edge realtime spectrum analyzer. Or use a selfmade waveform. The waveform is self generated for every song, but do not worry, we provide tools to create the waveform in just two clicks!

only for skin-wave

Easy Backend

The backend does all the job for you. If you to insert just a single mp3, you just press the plus button above every post or page, drag your mp3 and it's done! If you want waveform generated for that mp3, conveniently placed auto generate buttons are there!

You can create unlimited player configs that you can reuse in any player or gallery via DZS Admin Panel V2

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Audio Portal Material

Ratings, likes, comments. Everything you need to setup a mini audio portal like SoundCloud for example.

A widget is included in the dashboard to check the most popular tracks.

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Multiple Skins

Four skins to fit every need. You can set the color of the waves from the admin to fit your branding.

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Mobile ready! Retina ready! Tested on iOS and Android 4.0+. Responsive from mobile to HD due to CSS 3 Media Queries. Retina ready due to use of font icons and no images. Scales to any dimension!

Easy Install

Install WordPress ZoomSounds in just a couple of minutes. Docs are also there.


From mobile to HD, ZoomSounds are ultra responsive. Also has retina graphics.


Customize ZoomSounds with the many options included.

SEO Friendly

Built with SEO in mind, ZoomSounds parses html content into working magic.