State of the art admin.

Experience rock solid backend experience with all the DZS Admin Panel V2 integrated smoothly in the WordPress arhitecture.

The gallery is powered by shortcodes but you don't have to remember them neceserally. There is a shortcode generator that appears on your every post and page editor to make life easy.

Customize galleries, video player configurations that you can use in galleries. Design your own skin with the Designer Center.

Customize Everything.

The backend is powered by the powerful inhouse built DZS Admin Panel V2 to deliver smooth editing of galleries. It's ajax based so the whole experience is very fast. And it's packed with features to cover all customization purposes.

From menu item size and spacing to options for cueing video. From choosing the default gallery ( flash / html5 ) to setting social network links inside the gallery. From setting a user channel id for youtube to setting the controls opacity. This admin tries to cover every customizing client existent.

And all of that while allowing you to keep data safe with tools like Export Database, Import Database, Export Slider and others. Yay!

The Multi Uploader.

Do not waste time uploading each video. You can drag and drop the videos from your desktop and items will automatically be created in the selected gallery.

Simple as that!

Advanced Yet Simple.

Packing so many features, you would think simple tasks such as inserting a simple video would become a headache.

But not with DZS Video Gallery. It hooks with the WP3.5 Media Uploader so you can add videos right from the that with a single mouse click.