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Video Portal AddOn
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What they say.

The Video Gallery for WordPress is a beast among its kind. It knows video and how to best showcase it and optimize it. You can basically add your own playlist to your WordPress site. Brand your player with your logo, add titles for each video, embed tags at any frame, choose where you want the menu, and make it all easily shareable. After that, all you got left to do is lay back and enjoy the show.
I gave you 5 starts! It would be great with rating system! Waiting your next great uptades! Thank you for great plugin that helps me and I use most of my time!
afganrasulov CodeCanyon
This player is really excellent. Complete feature set: auto play, looping, playlist support, responsive, support for iOS and Android, and simple to use. It is awesome!
accessalmaden CodeCanyon
5* rating on customer support! Thank you for baring with me!
AssassinSensai CodeCanyon


Vimeo & YouTube Streaming

The gallery lets you stream YouTube and Vimeo videos by just entering the video ID. With YouTube you can even have your custom controls via their awesome API.

All browsers compatible

Works on all major html5 browsers - Mozzila Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft IE9 and Opera. Even works on IE6-IE8 via flash fallback.

Optimized for Mobile / Responsive

Works in responsive layouts. Works on iPads and iPhones. Works on Android devices. This gallery has been engineered to work glabally.

Customize Everything!

The gallery offers three skins for the video player and two for the video galllery and if that is not enough, all the skins are 100% css ( SASS enabled ) so if you have a little CSS knowledge, you can accomplish anything.

Advertisment Support

Insert your own ads before the video plays - image, video, youtube support.

Tag Support

Want to showcase a specific part of the video in a specific time ? It's no problem with DZS Video Gallery, tags are supported, any size, any time and any description.

Video Gallery API

Take advantage of the awesome features packed in this gallery - including it's own API. You can do things like.

Go to Demo Video

Images and Audio Support

Besides videos, the gallery can also render image and audio files, so it's actually more then a video gallery, it is a media gallery!

Install in minutes

It's very easy to include the gallery in your project. Featuring advanced documentation included and sample project ( example from preview included too ) to make installation as smooth as possible.


Where they used it

DZS Video Gallery has tons of features, colors, display options, content sources, you name it. We put up a gallery that showcases snapshots of where our customers used the gallery.

Navigate the scroller and see examples of wall mode, outer navigation container, second container, advertisment support, API use, YouTube playlist feed, YouTube user channel feed and many other features used.

Other Features.

Check the Admin Panel

Click the video on the left to get an idea of the awesomeness of the admin panel and the different ways you can customize this gallery. Also you will see the simple install process.

The video player on the left has been embedded using the same gallery plugin. So this plugin can scale very easy from players to multiple categories galleries.

iOS and Android Demo

The gallery has been optimized to work on all enviroments. It's responsive and has been tested to work on all major browsers, and major mobile operating like iOS and Android.

The video on the right displays a demo on the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note II ( Android 4.0 with Google Chrome )